Services Overview

CheckYellow Site Hosting / Domain Registration

It all starts with a home. We can help you register a new domain name and will set you up with a hosting account for your website. The first year of domain registration and site hosting are usually included in the development costs of your site, and typically run around $150/year after that.

CheckYellow Custom Website Design

PYXIS websites are custom designed to fit your needs. For the most economical approach, you can go with any number of free Joomla! template designs (see sandbox page for some favorites), or we can design a site from the ground up as complexly as is needed. We can also "site-match" and pick up color themes and design elements from your existing site.

CheckYellow Joomla! Content Management System (CMS)

Joomla is one of the world's most popular open source CMS (content management system). With 2.7 percent of the Web running on Joomla, the software is used by individuals, small & medium-sized businesses, and large organizations worldwide. Joomla gives you the ability to control your website and easily manage the editing, organizing, and publishing of your content -- all without the need for any html or web design experience.  

CheckYellow LogiXML Business Intelligence

LogiXML is a powerful business-intelligence platform that delivers high-powered database driven reports and ability to manage databases online. You can deliver insight and understanding of critical data to employees, customers, and partners; deploy scalable dashboards and reports, and embed analytics into existing applications. LogiXML's agile technology allows you to rapidly develop sophisticated BI applications to any number of users on any platform.

CheckYellow Online Data Entry & Reporting

Joomla! and LogiXML both operate from a central database that keeps all of the site's content. This makes them an ideal resource for keeping track of just about anything. Not just your web's basic content, but anything you might use a spreadsheet to keep track of, or even larger databases that need to generate reports. Customer orders, contact lists, products, portfolios, galleries, time records, financial records, observations, and more. Storing and managing them online opens many new doors; you can access and work with the data from any web browser in any location.

CheckYellow E-Commerce

Online retailing continues to grow. Most recently, e-commerce was estimated at about 8% of all retail product sales in the United States. It can be easy to get started, with several popular and well-tested shopping cart modules available for the Joomla! platform. Virtuemart is solid and stable and packed full of features. PYXIS can help you get an online store up and running.

 CheckYellow Blogs, Forums, and E-Newsletters

One really popular way for websites to be interactive is to continually update their content and invite your users or customers to participate. Whether you ask them to submit reviews or rate items, or help supply content as authors, your website can easily be dynamic and always fresh and relevant.

CheckYellow Site Design Update

Many clients want to keep all their existing content but change the site's design. This is one very nice feature of the Joomla platform -- it allows you to quickly and easily change the look of the site without having to rebuild all the content. You can even have multiple designs (templates) for different pages or subdomains, while keeping all the content managment centralized.

CheckYellow Webmaster Services

PYXIS can provide on-going webmaster services for your site. Even though you can easily update content, you may not have the time for it. We can make changes quickly via remote access, which is very cost-effective. There are many different ways to configure webmaster services.

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